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     Through these 14 years The Compensa has been showing its effort and resources available, searching for the production growth and costs reduction. Know a little about our production part:


1. Extraction and Transport

     The basic row material are logs from wlliot Pinus/Taeda, which are selected on the reflorestation project of spp pinus, which are being cut in the proper dimension and taken until the industrial unit of Porto União - SC.


2. Boiling Peeling Line

     On the process of production, the logs are cooked and right after that boiling the laminated machine where they're transformed in a peeling and cut in specific sizes according to the production demand.


3. In the boiler

     The residue of the machine of plating wood is used in the generation of the energy that feeds the machines that dry the wood and also that cook the wood.


4. Blade Junction Process

     Junctions made with hot glue adding wires of nylon in the transversal direction of the stripes of the wood, provides excellent quality for use in constructions that proposes using apparent concrete.


5. Drying and Recuperation of Blades

     The blades are taken to the dries, in a noun-stop project with a strict humidity control of the humidety. At the end of the process when they are in the proper humidity level, they are selected and placed in the stocks to rest for a certain period of time until the physic stabilization.


6. Assembly and Blades Glueing of the Peelings

     In the various assembly lines are produced the structural plywood; the previous item blades are united one to earch other with phenol glue, forming panels with 5, 7 or 9 layers wooden, in accordance with the order of the customer; after the assembly, is taken to the daily pay-prensagem for uniformização and soon after, to the hot press where the definitive glue occurs.


7. Application of paper film

     Process of application of a protective film that provides more control and quality to the finished product.


8. Surface Corretion and Panels Classification

     After the glueing process corrections of the surface are made, from the panels, according to the client order; for which highly efficient products and durability on this fare of the process also is happened a products pre-classification, where those which are not into the quality pattern are thrown away.


9. Quality Control

     Involvement during all the production process, quality control is a fundamental part.

     Check ups are made frequently and analyses, taking samples materials of the products and tested in moderns laboratory equipament, everything required with the demanded requirement by CE with technique and workers trained, attended constantly to the necessary soluctions for excellent product of quality.


10. Ending Process and Packing

     Right after quality control check up, the products are taken to a modern line of wooden doors and windows and calibration, where the final ending is done of the plywood; one more time yet about the production line, new quality tests are done and its dimension control, going right after through the new fase of quality process, being finally packing.


11. Logistic

     The logistic follows a millimeter interlink with the productive process, with a perfect installation, guaranteeing to our clients high quality plywood and durability.