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     Founded in 1992, The Compensa comes with its products supplying the industries of civil construction and the navy industries for more than 14 years. It is placed in Porto União, Santa Catarina.

     The company is composed of 8.920 m2 of constructed area, where happens all the parts os the productive process, in a complete way having the quality as the most important action.

The annual productive capacity is of 64.790 m3, divided in the following way:


•  10.800 m3 - plastificated plywood for concrete forms.

•  4.800 m3 - resin plywood for concrete forms.

•  6.350 m3 - super resin plywood for forms.

•  42.840 m3 - navy plywood. (30.240 m3 on the sizes of 2,60/2,30 and 12.600 m3 on the sizes of 1,30/1,15)