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     The Compensa manufactures its products from its own reservation, specially planted for industrial use. With the business philosophy the protection native wood which are part of the forest program of the company. The company is concerned and invest in the dealing of the forest, the pollution control, in management of solid waste and liquids, in the enviroment for the company among other action which are of extremely important for the company and the environment, the concerned with the waste and with the environment is constant, during all the production fase. Nothing is wasted, everything can be reused.

     We have 796 hectares of land which are placed in the Santa Catarina State and they are made for the reflorestation of Pines and Eucalyptos. Other 520 hectares are of native reserve. In the reflorestation area, the Compensa, make use of various trees making cuts and desbasted. This action made possible a bigger productivity of the forest, minimizing the necessity of new areas for planting and crop of wood, this result in the obtation of logs of value aggregation. Because they are outsufficient and not dependent of other forest the Compensa could guaranteed the furnishing of its products in long term.