Always seeking to meet the requirements of the domestic and foreign markets, Compensa invests heavily in technology and qualified labor, also complying with international standards for the manufacture of plywood (PS1-19 and CE-4).

All plates undergo a rigorous quality test, and each batch evaluated is registered with a QRcode so that our customers can check the tests carried out and the quality of the product.

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We work to meet


National and International Market

With more than 25 years in the market, Compensa values the quality and resistance of the products, always investing in qualified labor, technology and environmental liability.

We serve the domestic market and the international as well, from Latin America to the North American and European market.

With the PS1-19 certification (American plywood standard for production), we fit all the requirements for the North American market,  thus having a higher quality and resistance for structural plywood production.

In the European market, we conformed to the standards CE4 for the plywood boards.

Products intended to civil construction, structural elements, load support, walls and coverings. These products display of a great structural strength, low deterioration and resistance to moisture.


Know a little more about our production process. We are always investing in technology, equipment and qualified labor to deliver the best product to our customers.


We take the environmental responsibility by using certificated raw materials and reforestation wood.